Johan Rende

About myself


I'm a developer based in Stockholm focusing on web front end and graphics.

Technologies I know

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • C++
  • OpenGL/WebGL
  • CSS


Circles and Trees

An procedural animation I created for my dads 56th birthday, with the music made by my brother. It is inspired by the circles of Gabriel Orozco, and written in Javascript using D3.js for the display.

Suprematist Compositions

A procedurally-generated artwork based on Ilya Chashnik, an artist of the Suprematist school

Flowers and Bugs

Another procedural artwork created for my dads birthday. It looks simple, but uses a more technically advanced than the previous artworks, using dynamic reflections, postprocessing effects, among others

Filter Stacker

A web editor for creating images by stacking webgl effects and shaders. Uses Angular and WebGL.

The successor of filter stacker, but creates an image from a graph, similar to Blender or Substance Designer. Uses ReactJS and WebGL


A recreation of the cover from a childrens book published in 1882, as a website. Made with HTML, CSS, SVG

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Weaver is an web app for designing weaving drafts